Capax System

Capax System


The Capax system is a relatively unknown system within Segmentum Obscurus having done little to claim fame. It has remained loyal since its founding never rebelling from the Imperium, xenos have never attacked it, and it has never been involved directly in a major war of any kind. However, despite being undistinguished the Capax System is of great economic importance the sector. Warp lanes enhance trading both to and from the system while the foundries on Capax III supply 7.8% of the weapons produced in the sector. Slightly odd is that the planets are named in reverse order with Capax I being furthest from the sun and Capax III being closest. A well recorded oddity of the system is that the intersection of warp lanes appears to create a greater than normal percentage of psykers. This should by no means cause alarm as the black ships arrive every ten years and take all of the psykers with them.


Capax, the star of the system, is fairly large at roughly 1.5 times the diameter of Sol. It is extremely hot and the locals advise against visiting it (hint: Party, don’t go to the sun. Just saying)

Capax III, called Haud-Letaliter by the locals, is the planet closest to the sun. It is an industrial world covered in islands of rock floating on a sea of lava. The molten rock contains an abundance of ores and minerals used in production so massive pump stations pull the mineral rich lava to the surface where everything of value can be extracted. Those elements are then shipped via air transport (the only reliable way to cross seas of molten rock) to the great manufactorium dotting the surface. These massive cathedrals of production take the place of cities on this burning world containing 97% of the massive population. Life on Haud-Letaliter is hard for everyone save the social elites composed almost entirely of servants of Mars. The common man exists in a world of scorching heat, clouds of poisonous gases and ash, and eternal darkness as outside the manufactorium the only light comes from the glowing magma.

Capax II, the next planet out, is an Agri-World which the locals refer to as Juncidus. It is covered in rolling hills and pristine oceans producing more than enough food to support the entire system. The population is small and widely dispersed.

Next in orbit is an asteroid belt. Well its more of a sphere that encircles the entire system. It is nearly impenetrable but early in the system’s history paths were cleared though it by crashing the asteroids in the way into Capax III (which did nothing to help the planet’s tectonic stability as one would assume). Currently 5 of these passages exist allowing interplanetary transportation for the majority of the year. Some of the asteroids contain minerals and fleets of mining ships continuously move from asteroid to asteroid sending the ores to Capax III to further increase its production.

Capax I Is the last planetoid and the only thing outside the asteroid belt of note. It is technically a hive world but to call it a world would be an overstatement (for all you ancient terrans it is similar in size to the long lost continent of “Australia”). There are 14 hive across the asteroids surface. Due to the lower gravity (this is made up for artificially inside the hives) and the lack of a noticeable atmosphere massive ships not designed for sub-orbital flight can dock directly with the spires for trade and repairs.


The Capax System was founded long ago right at the beginning of the Age of Strife, the ships reaching the system just weeks before the explosion of warp storms across the galaxy. One such warp storm appeared in the void around the system poised to destroy all the ships and claim all the lives on board. Luckily enough Capax I was itself free of the warp storms with what seemed a small protective bubble of calm. Upon noting this shuttles where launched from every ship carrying down people and all the equipment necessary to start an enclosed colony. The trip to the planet was terrible however and far too many shuttles were destroyed in the vortex. Eventually on managed tho reach safety broadcasting the message “Shuttle down” constantly so the others could use it’s location to navigate in the storm. That was the location where the first hive was founded which to this day serves as the capital and bears the name “Shuttledown” (This is mostly only kept alive in rumor)

Eventually that one hive expanded using metal mined from Capax I to build more hive. Near the end of this process as the ore ran low contact was made with the Imperium. At this point a deal was struck with the Mechanicus. If they could carve a path through the asteroids in to the mineral rich world near the star they could supervise and direct the production upon it. The Mechanicus accepted carving the 5 channels though the asteroid field. And so begins the long, relatively boring history of the Capax System since.

Government and Defenses

The entirety of the system’s government and defense forces are heretics and traitors loyal servants of the Emperor. We swear.

Shuttledown is the seat of the planetary and system wide government. The government is organized with the Governor directing the coordination between the various branches of Imperial Government attempting to strike a balance. He also serves as president over a planetary senate. The senate is the main lawmaking body composed of ruling representatives from each of the hives and Capax II which is considered a hive of its own for administrative purposes. Capax III is separate overseen by the Mechanicus so it simply liaison’s with the governor’s office.

The System Defense Force (SDF) is composed of two parts; a Ground Division (GD) and a Naval Division (ND).

Capax System

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