Interrogator Yorapolk

Interrogator for Inquisitor Bastelle


Yorapolk has been serving with Inquisitor Bastelle for quite some time, he is one of his first acolytes. He oversees the deployment of the dozens if not hundreds acolytes and storm troopers currently reporting directly to Bastelle and assumes command of any military unit the Inquisitor commandeers.

He began his career in the Inquisition upon being recruited as an Inquisitional Storm Trooper from the Schola Progenium. After several missions he eventually found himself serving under Bastelle in an operation to purge a well equipped cult from Mica IV. During this operation the handful of troopers which remained alive in Yorapolk’s squad were killed. Storm trooper squads never replace loses, serving with the same men until the (usually quick) end of their career. Bastelle took a liking to Yorapolk during the extended combat on Mica; he had complete faith in his leader and the Emperor, willing to do whatever was necessary for the Imperium. At the end of the engagement Bastelle had Yorapolk declared killed in action and took him into his then small entourage of acolytes.

Over the years he has proved his worth time and again, earning the rank of inquisitor a few times and denying it always. He claims he is not the man to make decisions, his role is simply to carry them out and serve. Some speculate that he is simply afraid to leave the aging and ailing Inquisitor Bastelle. Under his request Bastelle maintains a contingent of 20 Storm Troopers all taken from depleted units, let by Yorapolk.

Yorapolk is a tall and lean fellow with quickly graying black hair. His remaining eye is blue, his other replaced with an implant after a run in with an angry demon. He has all the sense of humor you would expect to mind in a tomb stone and once stabbed an acolyte who thought killing a corrupted demagogue with a melta required a pun. The acolyte survived. He cares for the well being of those under his command second only to the completion of their objectives. He is fiercely loyal, but he is certainly not a “people person”.

Due to the outbreak of heretical activity resulting from the 13th Black Crusade Yorapolk and his storm troopers are currently following in Bastelle’s wake as he and a team of his acolytes expose cults leaving the storm troopers to do what they do best and mop them up.

Interrogator Yorapolk

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