Cruiz the Techpriest

Techy of Weapons


Character: Techpriest Cruiz
Homeworld Forgeworld
Career Techpriest
Rank 3
Gender Male
Build Fit
Skin Color Pale
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Age 73

Thrones : 406
Income : 150+(15*rank) per month
Spent XP : 1500
Unspent XP : 0

Weapon Skill 26
Ballistic Skill 39
Strength 33
Toughness 44
Agility 32
Intelligence 50
Perception 31
Willpower 35
Fellowship 30
Wounds 8/8
Fate Points 3/3


Growing up on the Forge World of the Vorn System, Cruiz’s main function as a lowly Tech Adept was to copy blueprints and other stuff. At least at first. He eventually was given a hellgun and sent with a group to deal with some Tech Heresy.

After a the ordeal, he was taken by the Inquisition.

Has since coming to this system, created a servitor to assist in Inquisitional Duties and shoot people.

Cruiz the Techpriest

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