"The Threat Within"

The Dretch Report, pt 002

With Lt. Reubens’ established pattern of moral flexibility, I urged Cortez to go to him—as adjudicating officer in Tech-Priest Sicarious’ case—and request a favorable verdict. Whatever it was Cortez asked in exchange, Sicarious was found guilty, but sentenced to probationary release under Cortez’s supervision. Cogboys being rather difficult to replace, I thought it useful to retain this one.

The growing relationship between Reubens and Cortez paid off, as the Lt. invited Cortez to join his local “association.” Also present for this obvious cult activity were Lt. Sneeds, Fleet Commander Abrazel, and one Priest Vocaris. As Cortez’s assistant and driver I accompanied him to the meeting, located within some ill-repaired chapel in the Underhive. There we were met with many other robed initiates, and perhaps a dozen unsecured psykers. After a modest ceremony we were informed that full initiation would require a “spirit journey,” to be arranged by Commander Abrazel.

When this journey commenced, all assembled were all subjected to drugs, psyker influence, and lasgun-butts to the head in order to induce unconsciousness. I awoke bound hand and foot, aboard what I must assume was a vessel of the local Space Defense Forces, from the uniforms of the armsmen who were watching over us prisoners. While wearing the protective amulets, they watched as we were subjected to a fresh assault by the unbound psykers of the cult. These efforts at indoctrination went on for some time; and eventually we were drugged again, then returned to the Underhive and released. My mind yet remains my own—so far as any of us can claim this—though I can make no comment regarding Cortez’s condition. I believe I recall seeing him assault one of the guards and take a protective amulet for his own; but the remaining guards seemed unconcerned with the value of this protection, and left him with the rest of us before the psykers.

As I returned to our safehouse I encountered Sicarious and some female Arbites—who, I can only hope, is authorized to associate with us. They were both quite grievously injured from some altercation I did not witness, and they have not yet related. Regardless, we have certainly found the source of our missing psykers, identified a cult responsible, and can name local officials who are aiding if not leading this heresy. Yet we do not yet know how far this heresy goes, or where the main body of their leadership may be found. Our investigation shall continue.

As always yr. most diligent & enduring servant,
Obregon Dretch



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