"The Threat Within"

Field Report A3-001


Inquisition Ident: 424-CX-937-GV069, Abel Sicarious

Original report:

10011010 00111010 10110001 00001101 11010011 00101010 01011001 1010011 10101001 10011001
01011010 01000101 01011001 01011010 11110101 10101111 01010000 1000101 01010001 01000101
10010101 01010010 10100101 01010010 10101001 10100011 11110001 0100110 01010101 10100100
10100100 10100101 10001010 01010010 10010101 10101010 10000111 1010010 01010010 10101001
10100101 01010100 10101000

10100011 00101010

Translation as follows:

First 1/12 cycle in Capax system has gone badly. Have been imprisoned after an attempt to promote an “√©lan de corps” among acolytes as suggested in section 10-8b of the Mechanicus Standard Interaction Guide. This failed due to a lack of knowledge concerning local assets treatment of high-born. After securing and neutralising a low epsilon level psyker and an unknown level hostage confirmed to have been manifesting psychic powers, attempted to change public perception of the event to increase support of the local arbiters, by placing the weapon used to neutralise the hostage on the corpse of the heretic. Afterwards informed of the local arbiters policy of low security among high-born and imprisoned by one Agent Johnsons. Believe this to be a mistake as the Inquisitorial Mission states we can make no exception regarding the security of the Imperium whether this come from within or without. Currently awaiting some form of trial.

Also requisitioning the following:
Medical Kit
Data Files on human interaction
Data Files on “Arbite Johnsons”
Data Files on Capax system law.


Electro-Priest Abel Sicarious




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