"The Threat Within"

Field Report 1

Armsman Ajax Alder, Reporting on the current state of our investigation of heresy in the Capax System.

While on Capax II, Jasen and I meet up with fellow guardsman…. Well I can’t recall his name right now. Our first order of business was to set up a safe house in a abandoned apartment building, from there we went to a local bar to see if we couldn’t find a lead. The only lead we had soon proved to not involve heresy at all, instead it was just a local gang that promptly started robbing the bank across the streets.

Being the Loyal citizens we are, we imedeatly rushed to stop the criminals. The Guardsman and I entered from the front while Jasen snuck around the back. We “confronted” two of the criminals and moved forward to stop the robbery. What followed was a vicious firefight between us and then, resulting in a number of casualties for the criminals but alas they escaped with the money. During the exchange I took a moderate shot the chest, my fellow guardsman suffered a light wound and Jasen was badly injured when one of the criminals sprayed his face with autogun rounds.The arbites then arrived and decided to arrest us and take us to the satiation. We unfortunately had to reveal our ties with the Inquisition to avoid any issues with the arbites.

After that little ordeal we were back on the streets looking for more leads, when we encounter a vile witch who blinded us with is warp powers. The resulting scuffle left Jasen, myself and the witch badly burned. We now have the psyker in custody and are contemplating the best course of action.

Field Report Over



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