"The Threat Within"

Cruiz's Field Report Journal - Capax System, Report II

Official Report.

Lost track of current system week. Will resume time-frame next report.

While I have found no more evidence of tech-heresy on planet, I have kept my proverbial ears open for more rumors and information. During this time, I worked with the main Mechanicus Magos on planet to help find a way to deal with pest problems on the crops. Estimate an elimination of up to 90% of pest population, increasing crop yield exponentially. Will keep updated on reports as they come in on the subject.

As to the matter on hand, I investigated a kidnapping site and found a trail through the fields, left by the kidnapper. Following it, I found an abandoned house with a ‘shrine’ in the basement. The kidnapper refused to surrender and was too evasive for the servitor I brought with me to catch. I was forced to eliminate him.

The kidnapper proved to be a psyker. From his remains I gathered a necklace. Upon looking into it, it’s based on some made from a local Saint’s armour fragments. I doubt that it is a real artefact and probably a false copy. The manufacturing of these amulets are unknown, even to the Mechanicus. This concerns me. As for the kidnapped child, I rescued her and one other and returned them to their parents. Unfortunately, some measure was taken on the kidnapper’s end. While leaving, the place had begun to burn down.

End Report.



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