"The Threat Within"

Cruiz's Field Report Journal - Capax System, Report I

Official Report.

2rd Week since arrival.

Tech-Adept Abel and I arrived on Capax III to integrate into it’s society and use the Forge World’s advanced cogitator systems to try to find links between the various kidnappings and missing Black Ship Canidates. There was no logical connection between the kidnappings, however. During this time, Abel left planet to meet with the others. I do not know how that has gone.

3rd Week since arrival.

I continued work on Capax III diligently, with some success for my labors. There are recent rumors of Tech Heresy and Dark Mechanicus influence on Capax II. I will finish my current duties and contact the others to notify them before heading to the Agriworld. Once planetside, I will attempt to visit the various Omnissian Shrines, starting with the main city.

The Machine God protects and guides.



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